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A  Comparison between Rule & Dictionary Based Romanization of Arabic NamesHanan N. Abu Obied,  Maryam S. Nuser, Mohammed N.  Al-Kabi IJCPOLWorld Scientific Publisher2012
A molecular solution to the three partition problemMaryam NuserJITR5(4) 14-29IGI Global2012
New Methods for DNA Sequence Similarity AnalysisNuser, M., AlSmadi, I., and Al Shaek Salem, H. CISJ16(3):26-33University of the west of Scotland2012
String Matching Evaluation Methods for DNA ComparisonIzzat Alsmadi, Maryam NuserIJAST47(October):13-32Science and Engineering Research Support Society2012
Application of wireless data systems on transportation logistics of the futureMaryam Nuser, Ghazi MagablehIJLSM8(4):444-470Inderscience2011
Using DNA Computing to solve the Scheduling problemMaryam NuserAbhath Al Yarmouk19(1):93-106Yarmouk University2010
Applying DNAC in solving the Subset Sum ProblemMaryam NuserAbhath Al Yarmouk19(2):1-11Yarmouk University2010
Simulation of an Invitro PCR Based Protocol with ApplicationsMaryam NuserTrends In Bioinformatics3(1):1-10Asian Network for Scientific Information2010
Simulations of DNA Computing with In Vitro SelectionMaryam Nuser, Russell DeatonGPEM4(2):173-183Springer2003
Evaluation of Cost Estimation Metrics: Towards a UnifiedIzzat Alsmadi, Maryam NuserCIT21(1) :25-36SRCE2013
). Bioinformatics in Jordan: Status, challenges, and future directionsQanita Bani Baker, Maryam NuserPlos: Computational Biology19(5) 1--8plos2019
Evaluating EHR and Health Care in Jordan According to the International Health Metrics Network (HMN) Framework and Standards: A Case Study of HakeemAF Klaib , MS NuserIEEE ACCESS7: 51457-51465IEEE2019
Medical documents classification using topic modelingMaryam Nuser , Enas AlhoraniIJEECS17(3)2020
Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Students’ Mental Health: A Case Study of Jordanian UniversitiesMaryam Nuser, Wesam Alrashdan, Qanita Bani Baker2022