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Computational identification of microRNA Genes involved in the regulation of the human cellular signaling pathwaysYazan AlwarawrahBiologyProf. Ahmad Maslat2008Published
Ananlysis of DNA sequences for similarity purposesHeba Al Shaek SalemCIS2011Published
Mathematical based DNA sequence analysisAlaa OtoumCIS2011Not Published
A comparison between rule  base & dictionary base RomanizationHanan Abu ObeidCIS2011Published
An efficient method to enhance direct hashing Pruning for mining association rulesRoqaia AlShormanCIS2011Not Published
Modification on face recognition using face divisionRayah JawarnehCIS2011Not Published
Generating the basis path set using modified depth first serach and Breadth First searchEnas BaracatCIS2010Not Published
A comparative study between 4 categorization techniques for Arabic textMosa AlFriehatCIS2009Published
Disability Accessibility of Jordanian e-government websitesMustafa  El-RadaidehCIS2009Published
Quality of manual data collection in C# software :an empirical investigationLoay Abdulla al-abdelalCIS2008Not Published
Enhancing Information Hiding Steganography Techniques By exploiting Colored Digital ImagesJuhaina NuseirCIS2007Not Published
Improve question answering system using bi-Grams and answer extraction for Arabic text languageReham BarhamCIS2007Not Published
A comparison of 4 DNA based algorithms for solving the 3SAT problemTareq AthamnehCIS2007Not Published
Building a dictionary using DNAAws BasemCIS2007Not Published
Modified playfair encryption technique with DNA implementationSami Al-ShormanCIS2007Not Published
Medical Documents Classification Using Topic ModelingEnas al horaniCIS2017Published
Computer aided diagnostics for melanoma recognitionMajd TahatCISDr, Belal Abu Ata2018Not Published