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Evaluation of Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni and Pb in selected cosmetic products from Jordanian, Sudanese and Syrian marketsAdnan M. Massadeh, Mohammad Y. El-Khateeb, Shaza M. IbrahimPublic Health Journal
Assessment of heavy metals in different parts of Ruta chalepensis rutacea L. medicinal plant and soil samples in selected zones in Jordan.Adnan M. Massadeh, Abdul-Wahab O. El-Rjoob, Mohammad N.Al- OmariSoil and Sediment Contamination: International Journal25(6), 587-5962016
Investigating role of Statins in preventing Doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity in ratsNizar  M Mhaidat, Adnan M Massadeh, Karem H Alzubai, Mohamad Al-jaraah, Seena O Hatuqai, Ali  M ShoterInternational Journal of Integrative Biology (IJIB)17 (1-6)2016
Analysis of Zn, Cd, As, Cu, Pb, and Fe in snails as bioindicators and soil samples near traffic road by ICP-OESAdnan M. Massadeh, Ahmed A. Alomary, Sayeeda Mir,  Fouad A. Momani, Hazem I. Haddad & Yazen A. HadadJournal of Environmental Science and Pollution Research 2016
Effects of planting density and cutting height on herbage and water use efficiency of thyme (Origanum syriacum L.) grown under protected soilless and open field conditions. Res. on CropsAbdelrazzaq AL-Tawaha, Ghazi Al-Karaki and Adnan Massadeh17 (1) : 118-128 2016
Heavy metals in fish from the Red Sea, Arabian Sea, and Mohammad M. Obaidat, Adnan M. Massadeh, Ahmad M. Al-AthamnehEnvironmental  Monitoring and Assessment 187, 218-225 2015
Variation of chemical composition antioxidant and total phenols of essential from thyme (origanum syriacum L) grown under open field conditions and protected soilless conditionsAbdelrazzaq Al-Twaha, Ghazi Al-Karaki, Adnan MassadehAmerican – Eurasian Journal of Sustainable Agriculture8(12), 20-262014
Determination of selected heavy metal levels in scalp hair and fingernail samples from dental Laboratory technicians 8. Ahmhad Al-Hiyasat, Mervet Awadeen, Adnan Massadeh, Yousef  KhaderJournal of Interdisciplinary Medicine and Dental Science 2(5), 138-144 2014
Simultaneous determination of cetirizine and pseudoephedrine combined in tablet dosage form by high performance liquid chromatographyAbu-Shandi, K., Mohammed, Q.D., Saket, M.M., Qaisi, A.M., Deabas, F., Massadeh, A.M., Al-Ayed, O., Abu-NamehJordan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences6 (2), 188-202 2013
Correlation between lead and iron in children's blood in JordanAdnan M. Massadeh, Wail A. Hayajneh, Abdullah Shorman, Mohammad Y. Gharaibeh, ″Moh′d Mohanad″ A. Al-DabetJournal of Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry, 95 (7), 1244-1255 2013