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Carbon Dioxide Integration into Alkali Aluminosilicate Cement Particles for Achievement of Improved PropertiesFaris Matalkah and Parviz SoroushianJournal of Cleaner ProductionsElsevier2018
Ternary Alkali Aluminosilicate Cement Based on Rice Husk Ash, Slag and Coal Fly AshAGND Darsanasiri, Faris Matalkah, Salina Ramli, Kutaibah Al-Jalode, Anagi Balachandra, Parviz SoroushianJournal of Building Engineering19Elsevier2018
A Step Toward Practical Geopolymer ConcreteFaris Matalkah and Parviz SoroushianConcrete International 40/8ACI2018
Potential use of Jordanian volcanic tuffs as supplementary cementitious materialsAyman Ababneh and Faris MatalkahCase Studies in Construction Materials8Elsevier2018
Carbon dioxide use in beneficiation of landfilled coal ash for hazardous waste immobilizationKaize Zhu, Faris Matalkah, Salina Ramli, Brian Durkin, Parviz Soroushian, Anagi M BalachandraJournal of Environmental Chemical Engineering6/2Elsevier2018
Effects of the Duration of Landfill Disposal on the Physicochemical, Mineralogical and Toxicity Characteristics of Coal AshXuefang Wang, Faris Matalkah, Nastaran Abdol, Salina Ramli, Parviz Soroushian, Anagi M BalachandraInternational Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization41 (1), 51-66Taylor & Francis2021
Freeze thaw and deicer salt scaling resistance of concrete prepared with alkali aluminosilicate cementFaris Matalkah and Parviz SoroushianConstruction and Building Materials163Elsevier2018
High-recycled-content hydraulic cements of alternative chemistry for concrete productionFaris Matalkah, Mohamed Mahmoud, AGND Darsanasiri, Nastaran Abdol, Parviz Soroushian, Anagi M BalachandraInternational Journal of Sustainable EngineeringTaylor & Francis2018
Effects of citric acid on the rheology, hydration and strength development of alkali aluminosilicate cementLiwei Xu, Faris Matalkah, Parviz Soroushian, Nalin Darsanasiri, Sameer Hamadneh, Wenda WuAdvances in Cement Research30/2Thomas Telford Ltd2018
Synthesis and characterization of alkali aluminosilicate hydraulic cement that meets standard requirements for general useFaris Matalkah and Parviz SoroushianConstruction and Building Materials158Elsevier2018
Acid resistance and Corrosion Potential of Concrete Prepared Using Alkali Aluminosilicate CementFaris Matalkah, Talal Salem, Parviz SoroushianJournal of Building Engineering(20) 705-711Elsiever2018
Drying shrinkage of alkali activated binders cured at room temperatureFaris Matalkah, Talal Salem, Mamoon Shaafaey, Parviz SoroushianConstruction and Building Engineering(201) 563-670Elsiever2019
Fluidized Bed Combustion Coal Fly Ash: Comparative Evaluation for Potential Use in Alkali Activated BindersWenda Wu, Faris Matalkah, Nalin Darsanasiri, Parviz SoroushianInternational Journal of Coal Preparation and Utilization1-162019
Ultra-High-Performance Concrete: Development of On-Site Fresh Mix Rheology Test MethodsYang Chen, Faris Matalkah, Anagi Balachandra, Parviz SoroushianJournal of Advanced Research in Applied Mechanics(55) 1-112019
Plastic Shrinkage Cracking and Bleeding of Concrete Prepared with Alkali Activated ConcreteFaris Matalkah, Yaser Jaradat, P. SoroushianHeliyon5, 4, 1-16Elsiever2019
Shelf Life of Alkali Activated Cement: Effects of Storage Condition and DurationFaris Matalkah and Parviz SoroushianConstruction and Building Engineering222, 664-672Elsiever2019
Use of non-wood biomass combustion ash in development of Alkali Aluminosilicate-based hydraulic cement concreteFaris Matalkah, Parviz Soroushian, Saqib Abideen, Amipasha PeyvandiConstruction and Building Engineering121, 491-500Elsiever2016
Characterization of Alkali-Activated Nonwood Biomass Ash–Based Geopolymer ConcreteFaris Matalkah, Parviz Soroushian, Anagi BalachandraJournal of Materials in Civil Engineering 04016270ASCE2016
Development of Indigenous Binders as Construction MaterialsFaris Matalkah, Parviz Soroushian, Rontage Weerasiri, Amirpasha PeyvandiProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers -Construction Materials171, 1-10.ICE2017
Development of sandwich composites for building construction with locally available materialsFaris Matalkah, Harsha Bharadwaj, Parviz SoroushianConstruction and Building Engineering147 C , 380-387Elsiever2017
Improvement of the surface quality and aesthetics of ultra-high-performance concreteYang Chen, Faris Matalkah, Weeresiri Rankothge, Anagi Balachandra, Parviz SoroushianProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers-Construction Materials1-10ICE2017
Graphene nanoplatelet for enhancement the mechanical properties and durability characteristics of alkali activated binderFaris Matalkah and Parviz SoroushianConstruction and Building Materials249Elsiever2020
Synthesis of kaolin-based alkali-activated cement: carbon footprint, cost and energy assessmentAyman Ababneh, Faris Matalkah, Ruba AqelJournal of Materials Research and Technology9, 8367-8378Elsiever2020
Enhancement of the Mechanical Properties of Kaolin Geopolymer Using Sodium Hydroxide and Calcium OxideFaris Matalkah, Ruba Aqel, Ayman AbabnehProcedia Manufacturing44, 164-171Elsiever2020
Scaled-Up Production of Alkali-Activated Cement in the Presence of Carbon Dioxide for Concrete ConstructionFaris Matalkah, Ahmad Alomari, Parviz SoroushianCase Studies in Construction Materialse00463Elsiever2020
Olive biomass ash-based geopolymer composite: development and characterisationYaser Jaradat and Faris MatalkahAdvances in Applied Ceramics120 (1): 1-9Taylor & Francis2021
Efflorescence Control in Calcined Kaolin-Based Geopolymer Using Silica Fume and OPCFaris Matalkah, Ayman Ababneh , Ruba AqelJournal of Materials in Civil Engineering33:6, 1-9ACSE2021
CO2 Treatment of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag for Enhancing Geopolymer PropertiesFaris Matalkah and Parviz SoroushianJournal of Materials Research & Technology17 (1)Elsiever2022
Effects of kaolin characteristics on the mechanical properties of alkali-activated bindersAyman Ababneh, Faris Matalkah, Bisher MatalkehConstruction and Building Materials 318Elsiever2022
Effect of fiber type and content on the mechanical properties and shrinkage characteristics of alkali‐activated kaolinFaris Matalkah, Ayman Ababneh, Ruba AqelStructural Concrete11 (1)Wiley2021