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Development of Alkali-Activated Cement Based on Jordanian KaolinRuba AqelMaterials and StructuresDr. Ayman Ababneh2019Published
Potential Use of Kaolin Collected from Several Deposits in Jordan in Alkali Activated ConcreteBisher MatalkahMaterials and StructuresDr. Ayman Ababneh2020Published
Solidification/Stabilization of Heavy Metals in Medical Waste Bottom Ash Through Alkali ActivationAyshah FayyadEnvironmental SciencesDr. Idrees Almomani2022Not Published
Effect of Foaming Agent and Curing Temperature on The Volcanic Tuff Based-Geopolymer Composite for Zinc and Lead RemovalHaneen KhraisatEnvironmental SciencesDr. Idrees Almomani2022Published
Synthesis of Porous Volcanic Tuff-Based Geopolymer for Nickel and Cobalt RemovalMarwa BaniHaniEnvironmental SciencesDr. Idrees Almomani2022Not Published
Effects of Nano-Silica and Curing Temperature on Corrosion Resistance of Kaolin-Based Geopolymer ConcreteAbdulrahman AlshouhaMaterials and StructuresDr. Nabeel Al-Akhras2022Not Published