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 Structural Evolution of the Area North of Ajlun Dome, Jordan,   (8): 55-60.Al-Tawalbeh, M., Atallah, M. and Al Tamimi, M.JJEES (8): 55-60.Hashemite University2017
Tectonic activity in NW Jordan: Insights for a new modelof transpression-transtension in the southern Dead Sea Transform FaultAl-Awabdeh, M., Pérez-Peña, J.V., Azañón, J.M, Booth-Rea, G. Abed, A   and Atallah, M. Tectonophysics693: 465-473Elsevier2016
Stress analysis of NW Jordan: New episode of tectonic rejuvenation related to the Dead Sea transform fault. Alawabdeh, M.  Pérez-Peña, J. V. Azañón, J. M. Booth, G.  Abed, A.M. Atallah, M,   and Galve, J.P. Arab J Geosci 9 (4): 1-11Springer Velag2016
Tectonic Geomorphology of Alluvial     fans east of the Wadi Araba Fault (Dead Sea Transform), JordanSaqqa, W., and Atallah, MJJEES5: 79- 85Hashemite University2013
Paleostress analysis of    the Cretaceous rocks in Northern JordanAl Khatib, N., Atallah, M., and Diabat, AJJEES 3: 25-36.Hashemite University2010
Morphotectonic indices of the Dead Sea transform, JordanAl- Taj, M. Shakour, F. and Atallah, M. Geogr. Fis. Dinam. Quart 30: 5-11.2007
Evidence of ground- rupturing earthquakes on the Northern Wadi Araba fault at the archeological site of Qasr Tilah, Dead Sea Transform fault system, Jordan, Haynes, J., Niemi, T.M., and Atallah, MJournal of Seismology 10: 415-4302006