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A Review of Social Exchange Theory Effectiveness in Measuring Residents' Attitudes Towards TourismMohammad Al-Badarneh & Ahmad Al-MakhadmedScientific Journal of Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Fayoum University2 Fayoum University2015
Tourist Satisfaction and Repeat Visitation; Toward a New Comprehensive ModelAhmad Puad Mat Som & Mohammad Al-BadarnehInternational Journal of Human and Social SciencesVol:5, No:2World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology2011
The Efficiency of the Diploma Program in Hotel Management in the Community Colleges to Prepare Human Resources to Work in Jordanian Hotels Qusai Al-Khalifa & Mohammad Al-BadarnehScientific Journal of Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Fayoum UniversityFayoum University2006
Residents' Perceptions towards Tourism and its Impacts on their Quality of Life in Aqaba City, Jordan. Saad Al-Saad, Lamaa Orainat, Mohammad Badarneh, Ahmad MakhadmehDirasat: Human and Social Sciences Jordan University2016
Residents' Perception Towards Tourism Careers in a Conservative SocietyMohammad BadarnehAmerican-Eurasian Journal of Agriculture and Environmental SciencesSpecial Edition of Tourism & EnvironmentIdios2015