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Performance evaluation of routing protocols in wireless sensor networkL Almazaydeh, E Abdelfattah, M Al-Bzoor, A Al-RahayfehInternational Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology2, 64-732010
WiMAX basics from PHY layer to Scheduling and multicasting approachesManal Al-Bzoor, Khaled ElleithyInternational Journal of Computer Science & Engineering SurveyV2: Pages 2079-84072011
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PADP: Prediction assisted dynamic surface gateway placement for mobile underwater networks Jun Liu, Xu Han, Manal Al-Bzoor, Michael Zuba, Jun-Hong Cui, Reda A. Ammar, Sanguthevar RajasekaranComputers and Communications (ISCC), 2012 IEEE Symposium on000139-000144IEEE2012
Adaptive power controlled routing for underwater sensor networks Manal Al-Bzoor, Yibo Zhu, Jun Liu, Ammar Reda, Jun-Hong Cui, Sanguthevar RajasekaranWireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications Pages 549-560Springer Berlin Heidelberg2012
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Coordinated multi-surface gateway redeployment for enhanced performance in underwater sensor networksManal Al-Bzoor, Reda Ammar, Jun-Hong Cui, Sanguthevar Rajasekaranomputers and Communication (ISCC), 2014 IEEE Symposium on Pages 1-6 IEEE2014
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Autonomous underwater vehicles support for enhanced performance in the Internet of underwater thingsAl-Bzoor, M, Al-assem, E, Alawneh, L, Jararweh, Y. Trans Emerging Tel Tech.32:e4225.Wiley2021