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Information Visualisation to Support Decision-Making: the Role of Information Visualisation in Informed Decision-Making (IDM) under Uncertainty and Risk.PublishedMohammad DaradkehLambert Academic Publishing. Saarbrücken, Germany. 212 pages. ISBN: 978-3-652013First Edition
An Assessment of Self-Service Business Intelligence Tools for Students: The Impact of Cognitive Needs and Innovative Cognitive Styles. In Trajkovski, G., Demeter, M., & Hayes, H. (Eds.). (2022). Applying Data Science and Learning Analytics Throughout a LePublishedMohammad Daradkeh 2022
Determinants of Data Science Adoption in Organizations: Insights From Analyzing the Digital Voice of Practitioners. In A. Obaid, Z. Polkowski, & B. Bhushan (Eds.), Advanced Practical Approaches to Web Mining Techniques and Application (pp. 36-62). IGI GloPublishedMohammad Daradkeh 2022
Enterprise Data Lake Management in Business Intelligence and Analytics: Challenges and Research Gaps in Analytics Practices and Integration. In Azevedo, A., & Santos, M. F. (Eds.), Integration Challenges for Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data MiniPublishedMohammad Daradkeh 2022