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CME612 - Digital Signal Processing (Master Level) (3 Credit Hours)
State of the art TMS digital signal processor, hardware / software development systems, finite, impulse response filters, Fast Fourier Transform, multi-rate signal processing, wavelet transform, adaptive filters, TI C6 X family overview and programming, application using real-time processors
CME 452 - Digital Communications (3 Credit Hours)
Introduction, transmission of binary waveforms in AWGN environment, performance analysis and  error probability, bandpass modulation binary and multilevel (ASK, PSK and FSK), performance  analysis and error probability, channel coding, modulation and coding trade off. Prerequisite:  CME 450, CME 314.
AttachmentCME 312 - Signals and Linear Systems (3 Credit Hours)
Continuous and discrete time signals and systems, continuous and discrete time convolution, continuous and discrete LTI systems, Fourier analysis for continuous-time signals, properties and  applications of Fourier transform, Laplace transform and z-transform. Prerequisite:  EPE 220.
CME 314:  Probability and Random Processes for Engineers  (3 Credit Hours)
Probability, random variables, probability distribution and density functions, multiple random variables, random processes, spectral properties of random processes and response of linear systems to
random input.  Introduction of the linear mean square estimation.  Engineering applications  (communications in noise, data compression, radar). Prerequisite:  CME 312B.
CME 456 - Communications Systems (3 Credit Hours)
Fourier transform, power spectral density, AM and FM modulation and demodulation, baseband modulation and demodulation, sampling, quantization, PAM and PCM modulation, bandpass modulation: FSK,PSK,ASK. Prerequisite: CME 312.
CME 453 - Digital Communications Lab. (1 Credit Hour)
Sampling technique, time division multiplexing, pulse time and pulse code modulation and demodulation, delta and sigma delta modulation and demodulation, ASK, FSK, PSK and carrier generation, QPSK, coded transmission and reception. Prerequisite:  CME 452.
CME 447 - Microwave Systems Lab (1 Credit Hour)
Basic and directive antennas, radiated horn and  dish antenna measurements, measurements of
microwave power, voltage standing wave ratio and impedance, waveguide attenuators, klystron characteristics, microwave tuners, directional couplers, series and shunt tees, microwave detectors and mixers, solid state characteristics. Prerequisite:  CME 446.
CME 455 - Digital Signal Processing Lab. (1 Credit Hour)   
Implementation of DSP concepts using tiger 40 DSP card, these concepts include:  discrete time convolution, convolution with DFT (linear, circular), inverse DFT, computation of DFT using FFT
algorithms, inverse FFT, design of digital filters (infinite impulse response, finite impulse response). Prerequisite:  CME 454.
AttachmentEPE 310 - Project Management and Quality Control
Introduction to project management. Types of projects. Engineering projects. Stages of project. Project appraisal. Contractor evaluation process. Project planning and scheduling. Bar chart and critical path method. Company structure and fund raising. Cost analysis and management, risk management. Quality control. Importance of quality control. Industrial processes and quality control. Methods of quality control.