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Logical Connectives in Arab University Students' Writing"Mohammad  Al-JarrahMu'tah lilbuhuth wad Diraasaat JournalVol.14, 161-180Mu'tah University1999
Communication Strategies in Jordanian Medical Discourse: Doctor- Patient CommunicationMohammad  Al-JarrahAbhaath Al-Yarmouk JournalVol.18 17-43Yarmouk University 2000
EFL Writing and Danes' Model of Thematic ProgressionMohammad  Al-JarrahAbhaath Al-Yarmouk JournalVol.19, 49-84Yarmouk University 2001
The Transfer of Arabic Rhetorical Patterns into Jordanian Students' Writing in EnglishMohammad  Al-JarrahMu'tah lilbuhuth wad Diraasaat JournalVol.16, 171-193Mu'tah University2001
Correlation between Lexical Ties and Coherence in Academic DiscourseMohammad  Al-JarrahAbhaath Al-Yarmouk JournalVol.24, 93-124Yarmouk University 2006
The Effect of Revision Approach on ESL WritingMohammad  Al-JarrahDamascus University JournalVol.23, 63-892007
Arabic Newspapers Discourse: Rhetorical Features, Discourse Markers, Strategies and OrganizationMohammad  Al-JarrahDamascus University Journal2007
Coherence Interruptions in Academic DiscourseMohammad  Al-JarrahHawliyaat kulliyat el-adaab Ayin Shaams University, Egypt2010
The Viability of Translation in the Production of Academic WritingMohammad  Al-JarrahMu'tah lilbuhuth wad Diraasaat JournalMu'tah University2010
Difficulties of Translating Collocations from English into Arabic and vice versa Mohammad  Al-JarrahHawliyaat kulliyat el-adaab JournalAyin Shaams University, Egypt2010
Rhetorical Features of the Ousted Arab Presidents' Speeches during the   Arab Spring RevolutionMohammad  Al-JarrahArab Universities Journal for ArtsVol. 15 875 - 9002018