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Measurement of radon-222 in   Jordanian dwellingsM. M. Al-Kofahi, B. R. Khader, A. D. Lehlooh, M. K. Kullab, K. M.   Abumurad and B. A. Al-BatainaNuclear Tracks and Radiation MeasurementsVol. 20, No. 2, pp. 377-382 1992
Esitmation of radon concentrations inside houses in   some Jordanian regionsK. M. Abumurad, M. K. Kullab, B. A. Al-Bataina, A. M. Ismail and   A. D. LehloohMu’tah Journal for Research and Studies Vol. 9, No. 5, pp. 9-21 1994
Measurements of Rn-222 concentrations in building materials used in   JordanA. M. Ismail, K. M. Abumurad, M. K. Kullab and B. A. Al-BatainaMu’tah Journal for Research and Studies Vol. 11, No. 3,   pp. 201-2161996
Determination of radon soil concentration levels in the   Governorate of Irbid, JordanK. M. Abumurad, M. Atallah, M. K. Kullab and A. IsmailRadiation Measurements Vol. 28, Nos.   1-6, pp. 585-5881997
Measurement of indoor   radon concentration levels in some cities of JordanA. J. A. H. Khatibeh, N. Ahmad, Matiullah, M. A. Kenawy, K. M.   Abumurad, M. Kullab and B. A. Al-BatainaRadiation   Measurements Vol. 28, Nos. 1-6, pp. 589-590 1997
Radon measurements in different types of natural waters   in JordanB. A. Al-Bataina, A. M. Ismail, M. K. Kullab, K. M. Abumurad and   H. MustafaRadiation MeasurementsVol. 28, Nos. 1-6, pp. 591-5941997
Study of radon-222 concentration levels inside   kindergartens in AmmanM. K. Kullab, B. A. Al-Bataina, A. M. Ismail, K. M. Abumurad and   A. GhaithRadiation MeasurementsVol. 28, Nos. 1-6,   pp. 699-7021997
A survey of radon levels in Jordanian dwellings during an   autumn seasonK. Abumurad, B. Al-Bataina, A. Ismail, M. Kullab and A. Al-  EloosyRadiation Protection DosimetryVol. 69, No. 3, pp.   221-2261997
Radionuclides in hot   mineral spring waters in JordanS. A. Saqan, M. K. Kullab and A. M. IsmailJournal of Environmental   RadioactivityVol. 52, No. 1, pp. 99-107 2001
Seasonal variation of radon-222 concentrations in   specific locations in JordanM. K. Kullab, B. A. Al-Bataina, A. M. Ismail and K. M. AbumuradRadiation MeasurementsVol. 34, Nos.   1-6, pp. 361-3642001
Analysis of Jordanian cigarettes using XRF techniquesMahmoud Kullab, Adnan Ismail and Mahmoud Al-KofahiAbhath Al-          Yarmouk: “Pure Sci. & Eng.”Vol. 11, No. 1A, pp. 87-94 2002
Natural Radionuclides Contentsin Building             Materials Used in JordanAdnan M. Ismail, Maitham A. Al-ShnawaAbhath Al-          Yarmouk: “Pure Sci. & Eng.”Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 203-210 2003
Analysis of Radioisotope            Concentrations in sediments Using γ-ray SpectrometryM. Kullab, A. Ismail and Y. Abu-RukahInternational Journal of Environment and PullutionVol. 26, No. 4, pp. 398-407 2006
Natural Radioactivity in            Eidon Area Using Nuclear track DetectorsM. Kullab, K. Abumurad and O. KhasawnehAbhath Al-Yarmouk: “Basic Sci. & Eng.”Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 109-113 2009
Assessment of radon-222 concentrations in               buildings, building materials, water and soil in JordanMahmoud KullabApplied            Radiation and IsotopesVol. 62, No. 5, pp. 765-773 2005
Natural Radionuclides in Bottled Drinking Water in Jordan and their Committed Effective DosesA. M. Ismail, M. K. Kullab and S. A. Saq’anJordan Journal of Physics Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 47-57 2009
External and internal radiation doses due to alpha activity in Tafila district, JordanAbdul–Wali Ajlouni, Mahmoud K. Kullab, Kholoud M. KharisatInternational Journal of Environment and Pullution Vol. 8, No. 5-6, pp. 355-362 2011