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The association between metabolic syndrome and coronary artery disease in JordanKhader, Y. S., Khasawneh, B., Daoud, A. K., & Khatatbeh, MChronic illness2009
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Knowledge and Attitudes Toward Mandatory Premarital Screening Among University Students in North JordanAlkhaldi, Sireen M., Moawia M. Khatatbeh, Vanja EM Berggren, and Hana A. Taha.Hemoglobin2016
Coping Strategies of Jordanian Adolescents With Cancer: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis StudyOmar Al Omari, Dianne Wynaden,  Hasan Al-Omari, and Moawiah Khatatbeh,Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing2016
Factors impact on turnover of Jordanian rural physiciansMoawiah Khatatbeh and Sireen AlkhaldiInternational Journal of Sciences & Applied Research2016