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Research Title
International Nannoplankton Association 14 meetingUSANovember 2013
Calcareous nannofossils biostratigraphy of oil shales from Jordan
Alqudah, M., Mutterlose, J., Podlaha, O.G., Kolonic, S., Oral Presentation
30th IAS meeting of sedimentologyEnglandSeptember 2013
The depositional environment of oil shales from central Jordan
Ali Hussein, M., Alqudah, M., Mutterlose, J., Kolonic, S., Podlaha, O.G.,Oral Presentation
Aqaba international conference on marine and coastal environment JordanOctober, 2014
Tectonic and climatic setting controls the oceanographic circulation during late Cretaceous -Eocene
Alqudah, M., Oral Presentation
Geo16BahrainMarch 2015
Eocene oil shales of Northern Jordan and their implications for depositional environment
Alqudah, M., Malabeh, A., El-Atawneh, M., Malkawi A., Poster Presentation
Geo16BahrainMarch 2015
Paleontological investigations of late Maastrichtian oil shales and their ecological indications
Alqudah, M., Hakimi, M., Abdullah, W., Makeen, Y., El-Moghrabi, M., Rawshdeh, H., Poster Presentation
International Nannoplankton Association 16 meetingGreece, AthensSeptember 2017
Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Cenomanian - Turonian interval (Cretaceous) from Jordan
Alqudah, M., Hakimi, M., Abdullah, W., Ali Hussein, M., Masri, A., Mutterlose, J., Poster Presentation
International Nannoplankton Association 16 meetingGreece, AthensSeptember 2017
An unconventional application of calcareous nannofossils – reconstructing the timing and the course of an Eocene meteorite impact in central Jordan
Alqudah, M., Khoury, K., Salameh, E., Mutterlose J., Oral Presentation
The 21st Meeting of the Group of European Charophytologists (GEC)Valencia, SpainSeptember 2017
Charophyte flora from the Miocene of Zahle (Bekaa Valley, Lebanon). Paleoenvironmental and Biostratigraphic implications
Sanjuan, J., Alqudah, M., Martín-Closas, C., Poster Presentation
The 5th International Paleontological CongressParis, FranceJuly 2018
Palaeoenvironmental evolution of the Neogene Zahle Paleolake (Bekaa Valley, Lebanon).
Sanjuan, J., Alqudah, M., Neubauer, T., Khairallah, C. Oral Presentation
EAGE-GSM 2nd Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and Engineering Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaApril 2019
Petrophysical and Geotechnical Evaluation of Mesozoic Rocks from Central Lebanon
M. Salah, M. Alqudah, A. Monzer and C. Davidoral presentation