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Depositional environment of Eocene oil shales from Wadi Ashajara, Northern JordanMohammad Sameer AtawnehGeologyDr Saeb Shreideh, Dr Mahmoud Tamimi2018Published
Bulk geochemistry and organic petrography of oil shales from Attarat boreholes, center JordanEz Asad Nasr AliOrganic GeochemistryDr Mohammad Alaween2019Not Published
Geochemical and Petrological analyses of selected phosphorite deposits north of Jordan, and their insights for paleoenvironmentRuba AlnimratSedimentologyProf Saeb Al shraideh2021Not Published
The effect of porosity and composition on seismic wave velocities and elastic moduli of Dead Sea Valleys outcrops and subsurface sedimentary Reservoir: a comparison studyDuha ShammarPetrophysicsDr Rasheed Jaradat2021Not Published
Petrographical and Geochemical analyses of the Cenomanian-Turonian oil shale succession from Ajloun, north of JordanMalik MoumaniSedimentologyDr Nazem Radaideh2021Not Published
Calcareous nannofossils from Santonian-Campanian of Samou Area, Northern JordanHaneen AlsawaieMicropaleontologyProf Waleed Asaqa2021Not Published
Microfacies analysis From Late Cretaceous Successions, Salhoub Area, Center of JordanWafa ZyootSedimentology2021Not Published
Maastrichtian calcareous nannofossils from western Irbid successions and its implications on basin analysisAlbeshr HusseinMicropaleontology2022Not Published
Assessment of the Petroleum System within the southeastern part of Sirhan Basin using 2D reflection seismic and well-logging dataSamer Al JufrPetroleum GeologyDr Muayyad Husseinat2021Not Published
Activity Measurements of Uranium and Natural Radionuclides in Samples that will be collected Along the transporting Line of the phosphate in the Al-Shidiyya area, Southern Jordan using Alpha and  Gamma SpectroscopyAhmad AlJarrahNuclear PysicsAli Momani2022Not Published
Investigation of thermal maturity in the Cretaceous oil shales from selected samples (Jordan and Lebanon) by using Raman Spectroscopy validated with  classical methodsOsama TarawnehPetroleum GeologyDr Mohammad Alalaween2022Not Published