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On combining independent tests in case of conditional normal distributionMohammad Al-Talib, Mohammad Al Kadiri, and Abedel-Qader Al-MasriCommunications in Statistics-Theory and Methods1-122019
New Fuzzy Entropy Measure of Order αMohammad Al-Talib, Amjad Al-NasserPakistan Journal of Statistics and Operation ResearchVol. 14 No. 4: 831-8382018
An enhanced fuzzy K-means clustering with application to missing data imputationHazem Migdady, Mohammad Al-TalibElectronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis11.2: 674-686.2018
Estimation of the Lorenz Curve and Gini Index for the Symmetric Double Pareto ModelMohammed Obeidat, Aymen Rawashdeh, and Mohammad Al-Talib.Journal of Probability and Statistical Science. Vol. 15 No. 2 pp. 287-306. 2017
A Minimum Relative Entropy based Correlation Model between the response and covariatesBhaskar Bhattacharya, Mohammad Al-Talib Journal of the Royal Statistical Society – Series B. (Statistical Methodology)79(4), 1095-1118.2017
The Ranked Sample-Mean Monte Carlo Method for Unidimensional Integral EstimationAmjad Al-Nasser, Mohammed Al-Talib Asian J. Math. Stat.3(3):130-138.2010
Yarn strength prediction: A practical model based on artificial neural networksOchola, J., J. Kisato, L. Kinuthia, J. Mwasiagi, A. Waithaka, A. D. Al-Nasser, M. Al-Talib et al. Asian Journal of Textile 2, no. 3 : 130-138.2010
Estimation of Gini-Index from Continuous Distribution Based On Ranked Set SamplingMohammad Al-Talib, Amjad Al-NasserElectronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis (EJASA)1,1: 37-48.2008
Acceptance Sampling Plans based on truncated life tests for the Marshall-Olkin inverse gammad distribution Mohammad Al-Talib, Mohammad Al Kadiri, and Abedel-Qader Al-MasriJordan journal of Mathematics and Statistics13(3) pp417-4342020