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The role of environmental factors and Alerjohnumkeh in innovation and design symbols and visible signs of Engineering Products Mohamed Yousry El Shamy - Abdel Nabi Abou El Magd - Mohamed Abdel Hamid Elhelo - Scientific Conference of the Eighth Faculty of Applied Arts under the title: Applied Arts between development and innovation in product design in the Arab World "during the period from 2: November 3. Conference folder, the first part, the secondHelwan University 2002
The importance of the existence of a new type of marketing research to support the development of engineering products and adjust the quality of the design specifications Mohamed Abdel Hamid Elhelo the scientific journal "Science and Art" Volume XVIII, second edition, April - Helwan University2006
Technical specifications of materials, vehicles and intelligent systems and their applications in the field of industrial design -Mohamed Abdel Hamid Elhelothe scientific journal "Science and Art" Volume XVIII, No. IV, October - Helwan University2006
Assembly techniques developed in the field of industrial design and its impact on improving the efficiency of the performance of the design process Mohamed Abdel Hamid Elhelothe scientific journal "Science and Art"Volume XIX, No. I, January Helwan University2007
 Design considerations and the use of the keyboard the computers in the light of the knowledge of the physical ergonomics Mohamed abed elhamied elhelothe scientific journal "Science and Art"Volume XIX - the first issue Helwan University2007
Industrial design and potential future changes in the age of information and digital technology (networked products) Mohamed abed elhamied elhelo First International Conference of Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Mansoura, Damietta The first volume of the Book Conference University of Mansoura, Damietta 2007
Techniques developed for design education in the framework of the concept of total quality Mohamed abed elhamied elhelo the scientific journal "Science and Art"Volume twenty-third issue, in JulyHelwan University2007
Intellectual and philosophical framework for the design of "products environmental cognition" PEC In the field of industrial designMOHAMED ELHELOthe scientific journal "Science and Art"Volume 27 No.3 June Helwan University2015
Cognitive Understanding of Function in Nature: A Theoretical Framework Improving Creativity in Design EducationHany M. El-Said & Mohamed A. El-helothe sciences and artsvolume 27 No.4 octoberHelwan university2015