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E 100
English Language
E 101
Language Skills I
E 102
Language Skills II
E 103
Introduction to Literature I
E 104
Introduction to Literature II
E 105
Reading in English Language
E 111
English Skills for Students of Science (ESP) JUST
E 202
Writing I (Paragraph Level)
E 203
English Phonetics I
E 204
English Phonetics II, Yarmouk.
E 204
Translation I, (Irbid Private Univiversity)
E 206
Writing II (Essay/Composition), Yarmouk.
E 206
Advanced Grammar I, Irbid National Univ.
E 270
Introduction to English Grammar
E 273
Aural-oral Skills
E 274
Reading Comprehension at Intermediate Level.
E 277
Advanced Grammar
E 304
Translation II, Irbid National Univ.
E 310
Introduction to Linguistics
E 313
Advanced Grammar and Usage I, Yarmouk.
E 313
Advanced Writing, Irbid National Univ.
E 314
Advanced Grammar and Usage II, Yarmouk.
E 316
Contrastive Linguistics.
E 320
Writing III (Literary Themes/Research Methods), Yarmouk.
E 376
E 403
Translation III, Irbid Private Univiversity
E 403
Translation, Yarmouk.
E 413
Advanced Translation
E 414
Translation IV, Irbid Private Univiversity
E 414
Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Irbid Private Univiversity
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