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Major Problems in Legal TranslationQasim F. Abu GhazalTranslation1997Not Published
Acceptability and Diffusion of Some Borrowed and Native Terms in Medical and Engineering SciencesMahmoud S. Al-AssalTranslation1998Not Published
Linguistic and Non-linguistic Factors Influencing the Selection of Names in JordanWael M. ZureiqTranslation1998Not Published
The Role of Translation in Teaching English for Speakers of ArabicAnwar A. FoudehTranslation2000Not Published
T.V. Film Subtitling and Dubbing: An Empirical Contrastive Study, Hanaa’ M. Abu-MwaisTranslation2001Not Published
Diversity of Personal Male Nicknames in Northern JordanHassen M. MelhemLinguistics2002Not Published
Reference to “Allah” in the Translation of Two of Najeeb Mahfouz’s NovelsLuai HayajnehTranslation2002Not Published
An Investigation of Segmental Errors Made by Primary Cycle Students in JordanMohammad Al-SallalLinguistics2002Not Published
Double Meaning in Translating Literary Texts: A Case Study of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights' DreamBasil Al-BzourTranslation2003Not Published
Term Planning: A Case Study on Weather TermsFatima Ahamad HawamdehLinguistics2004Not Published
Translatability of the Arabic Preposition baa' الباء into EnglishTahani Al-AzzamTranslation2004Not Published
Aspects of Translating from Intermediate LanaugesAmal ShunnaqTranslation2006Not Published
An Evaluation of  Two Arabic-into-English Mahcine Translation Systems: A Comparative StudyNabeela Al-OtoumTranslation2006Not Published
Toward and Augmented Transition Nework Formalism of the Simple Arabic SentenceSumayya Al-Zou'biTranslation2006Not Published
Cohesion in the Holy QuranImran Al-RashdanLinguistics2007Not Published
Strategies of Change in Translating Martin Luther King's Speeches into ArabicMohammad Amin Al-HawamdehTranslation2008Not Published
Code Choice in Addvertising in Jordanian NewspapersMaram QasimLinguistics2009Not Published
On Traslating Jordanian Outdoor Advertising from Arabic into EnglishSumayya NassarTranslation2009Not Published
Problems in Translating Gender in Shakerpearian SonnetsDua Ahamd KharashqahTranslation2009Not Published
Lexical Gaps in Translating Paradise Terms in the Holy Qur’anNadia Al-NaserTranslation2010Not Published
Translating Mytonymy in Maqamat Badi Az-Zaman Al-HamadhaniLima Abu AqulahTranslation2011Not Published
المشكلات اللغوية في ترجمة كتاب دي سوسور إلى اللغة العربية: دراسة مقارنةلغة عربية2011Not Published
دراسة النبر في العربية وبرمجته حاسوبيا، قسم الغة العربيةلؤي بدارنةاللغة العربيةعلى الحمد2013Not Published
Cultural Problems in Translating Achebe’s Novel Things Fall Apart  into ArabicAmer BarahmehTranslation2014Not Published
Problems in Translating Some Syrian Arabic Dialect Expressions into English: A Case Study of Syrians in Zaatri Refugee Camp in JordanHanaa Al-KhalidiTranslation2015Not Published
The Translatability of Intertextuality in the Political Speeches of King Abdullah IIMajdee BatainehTranslation2017Not Published
Variables of the Sound /q/and /-aat/ in the Dialect of North Jordan BadiaAhmad IzziTranslation2017Not Published
Some Features of Written Speechtext of Algerians Using FaceBookKawther HaimourahTranslation2017Not Published
Problems Encountering Translators in Translating Literary Works from English into Arabic. The Short Story :"The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connell as an ExampleSalem RashidiTranslation2018Not Published