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The pons asinorum and other related theorems for tetrahedraMowaffaq HajjaBeitrage zur Algebra und Geometrie53, 4872012
Conjugacy classes and invariant subrings of R-automorphisms of R[x]Jebrel M. Habeb, Mowaffaq Hajja, William L. HeinzerCommunications in Algebra40, 14962012
The open mouth theorem in higher dimensionsMowaffaq Hajja, Mostafa HayajnehLinear Algebra and Its Applications437, 10572012
Algorithms for calculating the inverse of a given R-automorphism on R[x]Mowaffaq HajjaCommunications in Algebra40, 40312012
Extremal properties of the incentre and the excentres of a triangleMowaffaq HajjaThe Mathematical Gazette96, 622012
Equicevian points on the altitudes of a triangleSadi Abu-Saymeh, Mowaffaq HajjaElemente der Mathematik67, 1872012
The open mouth theorem, or the scissors lemma, for orthocentric tetrahedraSadi Abu-Saymeh, Mowaffaq Hajja, Mostafa HayajnehJournal of Geometry103, 1--16Birkhauser2012
A minimal example of a non-rational monomial automorphismMowaffaq HajjaCommunications in Algebra18, 24231990
A note on algebraic automorphismsMowaffaq Hajja, Reyadh KhazalJournal of Algebra139,  336--Academic Press1991
Triangle centers with linear intercepts and linear subanglesSadi Abu-Saymeh, Mowaffaq HajjaForum Geometricorum5, 332005
Some Brocard-like points of a triangleSadi Abu-Saymeh, Mowaffaq HajjaForum Geometricorum5, 652005
A note on similar-perspective trianglesMowaffaq Hajja, Horst MartiniJournal of Geometry and Graphics10, 1332006
A characterization of the centroid using June Lester's shape functionMowaffaq Hajja, Margarita SpirovaForum Geometricorum6, 532006
On converses of Napoleon's theorem and a modified shape functionMowaffaq Hajja, Horst Martini, Margarita SpirovaBeitrage zur Algebra und Geometrie47, 3632006
The chaotic behavior of the sequence of pedal simplicesRaghib Abu-Saris, Mowaffaq HajjaResults in Mathematics55, 712009
Extrema of xy+yz+zx when x+y+z and xyz are constantsMowaffaq HajjaThe Mathematical Gazette93, 3012009
Rationality of finite groups of monomial automorphisms on k(x,y)Mowaffaq HajjaJournal of Algebra109, 46--Academic Press1987
The alternating functions of three and four variablesMowaffaq HajjaAlgebras, Groups, and Geometries6, 491989
Invariants of certain algebraic automorphismsMowaffaq HajjaAlgebras, Groups, and Geometries6, 4011989
Linearizability and rationality of monomial automorphisms of small orderMowaffaq HajjaJournal of Algebra130,  1--16Academic Press1990
A note on affine automorphismsMowaffaq HajjaCommunications in Algebra18, 15351990
A very short and simple proof of the most elementary theorem in Euclidean geometryMowaffaq HajjaForum Geometricorum6, 1672006
Coincidences of centers in edge-incentric, or ballon, simplicesMowaffaq HajjaResults in Mathematics49, 2372006
On Gauss compounding of symmetric weighted arithmetic meansRaghib Abu-Saris, Mowaffaq HajjaJournal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications322, 7292006
Equifaciality of tetrahedra whose incenter and Fermat-Torricelli center coincideMowaffaq Hajja, Peter WalkerJournal of Geometry and Graphics9, 372005
The arbitrariness of the cevian triangleMowaffaq HajjaAmerican Mathematical Monthly113,    443The Mathematical Association of America2006
A note on monomial automorphismsMowaffaq HajjaJournal of Algebra85, 2431983
A note on a result of KuniyoshiMowaffaq HajjaJournal of Algebra92, 1711985
Quasi-linearit of cyclic monomial automorphismsMowaffaq HajjaJournal of Algebra95, 4731985
In search of more triangle centersSadi Abu-Saymeh, Mowaffaq HajjaInternational Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology36, 8892005
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