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Nine 9 master theses under my supervisionPublished
Impedance measurements on Zircaloy in aqueous and organic mediaMohammad Ayman OmaryPhysical Chemistry-1992Published
Impedance measurements on Inconel and Monel alloys in aqueous and organic mediaAdi Jawad SaidPhysical chemistry-1994Published
Impedance measurements on Copper in aqueous solutions at different temperatureMahmoud QudahPhysical chemistry-1998Published
Impedance measurements on Nickel in aqueous solutionsAl Noh Babakerphysical chemistry-1998Published
The effect of som bisphenols on the corrosion of Al metal in acidic mediaIsam Al-Boolphysical chemistry1999Published
Impedance measurements on stainless steel in aqueous mediaMaha AL-Fararjehphysical chemistry-2008Not Published