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Empirical Investigation of the Demand for Housing: The Case of Jordan, 1969-1992.Co-authorAbhath Al-yarmouk Vol (13).No (4).1997
The Effect of Exports on Economic Growth in Developing Countries: The Case of Jordan, 1970- 1993.Co-authorAbhath Al-yarmouk Vol (13) No (1).B1997
Empirical Investigation of the Demand for Electricity: The Case of Jordan, 1970-1994.Co-authorAbhath Al-yarmoukVol (14) No (2) 1998
Empirical Investigation of Water Consumption: The   Case of Jordan 1970-1996Co-authorAbhath al-yarmoukVol(1).No(3)1999
The Demand for Tourism: A Comparative Study (1970-1997)Co-authorAbhath Al-yarmoukVol (18), No (4) B 2002
The Impact of Tourism on the Jordanian Economy. Co-authorAbhath Al-yarmoukVol (22), No (3)2006
 Determinants of Tourism Export Earnings Instability: The Case of Jordan 1970-2004 Co-authorAbhath alyarmouk Vol (23), No (3). 2007
Determinants of Export Earnings Instability: The Case of Jordan 1970-2004 Co-AuthorAbhath alyarmouk Vol (24), No (1). 2008
 The Demand for the Primary Energy in Jordan: Assessing the Energy Consumption Determinants in the Tradable .non- Tradable and Household Sectors.Co-AuthorAbhath alyarmoukVol (25), No (4). 2009
The Role of Tourism, its Facilities and Services in the Jordanian Economy: A Tourist Workers` Perspective.Co-AuthorAbhath alyarmoukVol (26), No (2). 2010
An Empirical Study of the Determinants of Tourism Exports Flow: Using gravity model,the case of jordan(1976-2004)Co-AuthorAbhath alyarmoukVol (26), No (4). 2010
The Sources of Stock Market Volatility in JordanCo-AuthorInternational Journal of Economics and FinanceVol. 4, No. 112012
The Impact of Macroeconomic Factors on Amman Stock Market Returns.Co-AuthorInternational Journal of Economics and FinanceVol. 4, No. 122012
 The Macroeconomic Determinants of Stock Market Development in Jordan Co-AuthorInternational Journal of Economics and Finance2013
the principles and the priorities of the islamic economic development and their effects on the economic and social balance.Co-author Abhath alyarmoukvol.27.c2011
Determinants of maritime transportation cost at aqapa seaport(1990.2010)dr-Ahmad diab al-raimonyjournal of finance and commercial studies2011
Electronic marketing by world wide web(internet),incentives and obstaclesCo-authorAbhath alyarmouk2009
The Agricultural sector of jordan:determinants and sources of growth.Co-authorjerash journal for researches and studiesvol.2 no.21998
Empirical investigation of the the demand for water consumption"the case of jordan (1970-1974)"Co-authorAbhath alyarmoukVOL.50 NO.31997