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 Development of an accurate fine-resolution land cover timeline: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA (1857–2006)Jawarneh, R. & Julian, JApplied Geography35, pp 104-113Elsevier2012
The influence of physiography on historical and future land development changes: A case study of central Arkansas (USA), 1857-2030Jawarneh R.,  Julian J., & LookingBill, T.Landscape and Urban Planning143, pp 76-89Elsevier2015
Long-term impacts of land cover changes on stream channel lossJason P. Julian, Nicholas A. Wilgruber, Kirsten M. de Beurs, Paul M. Mayer, Rana N. JawarnehScience of the Total Environment537, pp 399-410Elsevier2015
 The Impact of Past and Future Urban Expansion on Soil Resources in Central Arkansas, 1994–2030Lavy, B., Julian, J., & Jawarneh, R.Papers in Applied Geography2, pp 25-39Taylor & Francis Group2016
Decadal National Land Cover Database for Jordan at 30 m resolutionRana N. Jawarneh & Chandra BiradarArabian Journal of Geosciences10(22): pp 483-496Springer-Nature2017
Role of physical settings on increasing flood hazard in Muscat Built-up areas (2007-2015) using GISJawarneh, RN., & Mashaiki, S. Journal of Arts and Social Sciences9(1): pp 65-78Qaboos University2018