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Research Title
223rd National ACS MeetingUSAApril, 2002
One-Step Synthesis and Redox Properties of Dodecahydro-3a,9a-
Diazaperylene - The Most Easily Oxidized p-Phenylenediamine used as an efficient Electron-Transfer Quencher of [Ru(bipy)3]2+*, and as a Precursor of 3a,9a-Diazaperylene
A.-M. M. Rawashdeh, C. Sotiriou-Leventis, X. Gao, W. S. Oh and N. Leventis,Presenter
223rd ACS National MeetingUSAApril 7-11, 2002
Excited state localization in [Ru(Bidentate Ligand)3]2+ complexes, and its effect on the quenching rates of the MLCT- excited states by electron donors and acceptors.
Rawashdeh, Abdel Monem M.; Gao, Xuerong; Elder, Ian A.; Leventis", Nicholas; Sotiriou-Leventis, CharikliaPoster
35th Midwest Regional ACS meetingUSAOct. 25-28, 2000
Rehm-Weller Relationships Between the Quenching Constants of Ruthenium
Complexes with a Series of Single Electron Transfer Quenchers
A. M. Rawashdeh, X. Gao, I. A. Elder, N. Leventis, and C. Sotiriou-Leventis,Poster
35th Midwest Regional ACS meetingUSA25-28, 2000
Synthesis and Electrochemical Characterization of N-Methyl-4-
Benzoylpyridinium Salts as Viologen Analogues
N. Leventis, I. A. Elder, X. Gao, C. Sotiriou-Leventis, and A. M. RawashdehPoster