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AttachmentAu3-to-Ag3 coordinate-covalent bonding and other supramolecular interactions with covalent bonding strengthZhou Lu,†a Bhaskar Chilukuri,†ab Chi Yang,†*ac Abdel-Monem M. Rawashdeh,ad Ravi K. Arvapally,a Sammer M. Tekarli,ae Xiaoping Wang,f Christian T. Cardenas,a Thomas R. Cundari *a and Mohammad A. Omary *aChemical ScienceDOI: 10.1039/d0sc02520hThe Royal Society of Chemistry2020
AttachmentComplexation Between Viologens and Some Macrocyclic Molecules: A Cyclic Voltammetry StudyAbdel Monem Rawashdeh*, Banan Malik Bani Ata, Deeb Marji and Shehadeh MizyedJordan Journal of Chemistry2018, 13 (3), 159-1702018
AttachmentAn Iodabenzene StoryRawashdeh, A. M.; Parambil, P. C.; Zeng, T.; Hoffmann, RJournal of the American Chemical Society 139 (20), 7124–7129.  ACS2017
AttachmentCupriphication of Gold to Sensitize d10-d10 Metal-Metal Bonds and Near-Unity Phosphorescence Quantum YieldsGalassi, R.; Ghimire, M. M.; Otten, B. M.; Ricci, S.; McDougald, R. N., Jr.; Almotawa, R. M.; Alhmoud, D.; Ivy, J. F.; Rawashdeh, A. M.; Nesterov, V. N.; Reinheimer, E. W.; Daniels, L. M.; Burini, A.; Omary, M. AProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences114 (26): E5042-E5051National Academy of Sciences2017
AttachmentSynthesis of ptert- butylcalix[4]arene semitubes and their binding studies with C60Mizyed, S., Marji, D., Rawashdeh, A. M., Foudeh, A. Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry76(1-2), 113- 112013
AttachmentDevelopment highlights of micro-nano technologies in the MENA region and pathways for initiatives to support and network.Al-Rawashdeh, M.; Alfeeli, B.; Rawashdeh, A. M.; Hessel, VGreen Processing and Synthesis2013, 2(2), 91-100. De Gruyter2013
AttachmentSynthesis and Metal Ion complexation of Thia-Podands with Lipophilic Amide and Ester End groupsAshram, M., Mizyed, S., Rawashdeh, A. M.Journal of Sulfur Chemistry33(5), 561-5712012
AttachmentRuthenium(II) complexes with tetradentate pyridylthioazoimine [N,S,N,N] ligands: Synthesis, crystal structure and spectroscopyAl-Noaimi, M., Crutchley, R., Al Damen, M., Rawashdeh, A. M., Khanfar, M. A., Seppelt, KPolyhedron30(12), 2075-20822011
AttachmentX-ray structure and DFT study of neutral mixed phosphine azoimine complexes of rutheniumAl-Noaimi, M., El-Barghouthi, M. I., Abdel-Rahman, O. S., Haddad, S. F., Rawashdeh, A. M.Polyhedron30(11), 1884-18902011
AttachmentA selective chemosensor for mercuric ions based on 4-aminothiophenol-ruthenium(II) bis(bipyridine) complexAl Abdel Hamid, A. G., Al-Khateeb, M., Tahat, Z. A., Qudah, M., Obeidat, S. M., Rawashdeh, A. M.International Journal of Inorganic Chemistry(2011), 843051-8430572011
AttachmentRuthenium complexes of 4,4'-bi-1,2,3-thiadiazole and azoimine ligands: syntheses, crystallography, and electrochemical studies.Al-Noaimi, M., Al-Smadi, M., Haddad, S. F., Al-Omari, S., Haniyeh, A., Rawashdeh, A. M.Transition Metal Chemistry (Dordrecht, Netherlands)36(4), 409-4162011
AttachmentX-ray structure, electronic properties and density functional calculations: trans- Dihalo (1-(4-phenylimino)-1-(phenylhydrazono)-propan-2-one) (4,4S-ditertbutyl- 2,2-bipyridine) ruthenium(II) complexesAl-Noaimi, M., Ali, B., Rawashdeh, A. M. and Judeh, Z.Polyhedron29(17), 3214-32192010
AttachmentMolecular Dynamics of Methyl Viologen-Cucurbit[n]uril Complexes in Aqueous SolutionEl-Barghouthi, M. I., Assaf, K., Rawashdeh, A. M.J. Chem. Theory Comput.6: 984- 9922010
AttachmentComplexation of N-methyl-4-(p-methyl benzoyl)-pyridinium methyl cation and its neutral analogue by cucurbit[7]uril and T-cyclodextrin: a computational studyRawashdeh, A. M., El-Barghouthi, M. I., Assaf, K. I., and Al-Gharabli, S. I.J Incl Phenom Macrocycl Chem64: 357–3652009
AttachmentSimultaneous Electron Transfer from Free and Intercalated 4- Benzoylpyridinium Cations in Cucurbit[7]uril.Thangavel, A., Rawashdeh, A .M., Sotiriou-Leventis, C., and Leventis, N.Organic Letters11(7): 1595- 15982009
AttachmentKinetics and Molecular Modelling of the Complexation of Tenoxicam with Cyclodextrins in SolutionRawashdeh, A. M., Mizyed, S., Mahmoud, S., and Marji, D. (2008).Spectrochim. Acta Part A: Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc.71(2): 562-565.2008
AttachmentOxidative Ligand Rearrangement Due to Incipient Aminyl Radicals in the Oxidation of Iron(II) Species with Dioxygen.Çelenligil-Çetin, R., Paraskevopoulou, P., Dinda, R., Lalioti, N., Sanakis, Y., Rawashdeh, A. M., Staples, R. J., Sinn, E., Stavropoulos, P.Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.(5): 673 – 677.2008
AttachmentControl of the Ketone to gem-Diol Equilibrium by Host-Guest Interactions.Rawashdeh, A. M., Thangavel, A., Sotiriou-Leventis, C., and Leventis, N.Organic Letters.10(6): 1131-1134.2008
AttachmentWeathering Processes Effects On The Chemistry Of The Main Springs of The Yarmouk Basin, North JordanBatayneh, A. T., Al-Momani, I. F., Jaradat, R. A., Awawdeh, M. M., Rawashdeh A. M., and Ta'any, R. A.Journal of Environmental Hydrology16(20) 1-112008
AttachmentStructural Characterization of New Cd2+ Fluorescent Sensor Based on Lumazine Ligand: AM1 and ab initio studiesSaleh, N., Rawashdeh, A. M., Yousef, Y., and Al-Soud Y.Spectrochim. Acta Part A: Mol. Biomol. Spectrosc.68(3): 728-33.2007
AttachmentSynthesis of a Particular Class of Silicon-Tethered Dinucleophiles: Several Propargylxydemethylsilyl Enol Ethers.Fataftah, Z. A., Sawalhah, M., and Rawashdeh, A. M.Synthetic Communications36(24): 3655-3665.2006
AttachmentComputing the Redox Potentials of Phenothiazine and N-methylphenothiazineRawashdeh. A. M.,Abhath Al-Yarmouk “Basic science and Engineering14(2): 195-2082005
AttachmentArylethynyl Substituted 9,10-Anthraquinones: Tunable Stokes Shifts by Substitution and Solvent PolarityYang, J., Dass, A., Rawashdeh, A. M., Sotiriou-Leventis, C., Panzner, M. J., Tyson, D., Kinder, J. D. and Leventis, N.Chem. Mater.16(18): 3457-34682004
AttachmentIsocyanate-crosslinked silica aerogel monoliths: preparation and characterizationZhang, G., Dass, A., Rawashdeh, A. M., Thomas, J., Counsil, J. A., Sotiriou- Leventis, C., Fabrizio, E. F., Ilhan, F., Vassilaras, P., Scheiman, D. A., McCorkle, L., Palczer, A., Johnston, C., Meador, M. A., and Leventis, N.Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids350: 152–16.2004
AttachmentRedox-active star molecules incorporating the 4-benzoylpyridinium cation: implications for the charge transfer efficiency along branches vs. across the perimeter in dendrimersYang, J., Rawashdeh, A. M., Oh, W., Sotiriou-Leventis, C., and Leventis, N.J. Am. Chem. Soc.126(13): 4094-4095.2004
AttachmentSynthesis of Ru(II) tris(1,10-phenanthroline)- electron acceptors dyads incorporating the 4-benzoyl-N-methylpyridinium cations or N-benzyl-N´-methylviologen. Characterization in fluid and frozen solutions, and on silica Aerogels.Leventis, N., Rawashdeh, A. M., Elder, I. A., Yang, J., Dass, A., and Sotiriou-Leventis, C.Chem. Mater. 16(8): 1493-1506.2004
AttachmentElectrochemical Reduction of 4-Benzoyl-N-(4-substituted-benzyl)pyidinium cations: substitution Effects and Linear Free energy RelationshipsLeventis, N., Zhang, G., Rawashdeh, A. M., and Sotiriou-Leventis, C.Electrochimica Acta.48(19): 2799-2806.2003
AttachmentSynthesis and Spectroscopic Properties of the Elusive 3a,9a- Diazaperylenium Dication.Sotiriou-Leventis, C., Rawashdeh, A. M., Oh, W. S., and Leventis, N.Organic Letters.4(23): 4113-4116.2002
AttachmentNano-engineering Strong Silica AerogelsLeventis, N., Sotiriou-Leventis, C., Zhang, G., and Rawashdeh, A. M. (Nano Letters.2(9): 957-960.2002
AttachmentTuning the Redox Chemistry of 4-Benzoyl-Nmethylpyridinium Cations through Para Substitution. Hammett Linear Free Energy Relationships and the Relative Aptitude of the Two-Electron Reduced Forms for H-Bonding.Leventis, N., Rawashdeh, A. M., Zhang, G., Elder, I. A., and Sotiriou- Leventis, C.Journal of Organic Chemistry67(21): 7501-7510.2002
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