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Research Title
The First International Conference on Translation, Language Center, Yarmouk UniversityJordan1991
Stylistic Variation vs. Inconsistency in English-Arabic Translation
Mohammad Sarairehparticipants and organizer
The 12 International Conference on Linguistics, Literature, and Translation held by the Dept. of English Lang. & Lit., Yarmouk UniversityJordan1994
On the Phonetic Realizations of the  Quiecent /n/ in Classical Arabic: A Generative Phonology Perspective
Mohammad Sarairehparticipant and organizer
The 13th International conference on Linguistics, Literature, and Translation held by the Dept. of English Lang. & Lit., Yarmouk UniverstyJordan1996
Computerized Arabic Phonology
Mohammad Sarairehparticipant and organizer
Workshop on the Arabic Digitized ContentTunisa2005
The Arabic Digital Content
Mohammad Sarairehparticipant
Workshop on E-recources in Jordan, Jordan UniveristyJordan2005
Yarmouk Univeristy Library Experience in Digitizing the Arabic Content
Mohammad SarairehPwer Point Show
SLA workshop and confereceBahrain2007
SLA workshop and conferenceQatar2008
Translation Department Symposium on "Strategies of Teaching TranslationJordan2009
Attendant and organizer
Springer Advisory Board Annual MeetingJordan2011
Participant member
SLA Gulf ChapterOman2012
The Arabic Digital Library (Winner of the best presented paper in the conference)
Mohammad SarairehParticipant
EBSCO’s Advisory Board Annual MeetingSingapore2010
Member of Board
EBSCOS’s Advisory Board Annumal MeetingHawaii2012
Member of the Board
The Jordanian Translator Week” Held in Cooperation between the Jordanian Translators’ Association and the Ministry of Culture, at Yarmouk UniversityJordan2012
Technincal Translation in Jordan
Mohammad SarairehParticipant