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Research Title
 IEEE International Radar conferenceUSA2010
The Effect of rf Radiation
on Human Health Using Stratified Human Head Model
Omar A., Bashayreh Q.  and Alshamali A2010
5Th  IEEEGCC ConferenceKuwait2009
Combined Coding and Adaptive Thresholding Algorithms for ECG Compression
Alshamali A.and Qhaith T. 2009
5Th  IEEEGCC ConferenceKuwait2009
Spatial Modulation: Performance Evaluation in Nakagami Fading Channel
Alshamali A.and Quza B.  2009
Second International Conference on Advances in Electronics and Micro-electronics: ENIC 2008Spain2008
GSM Based Remote Ionized Radiation Monitoring System
Alshamali A. 2008
International Conference on Information Technology: Computers and CommunicationsUSA2003
 A mobile telecardiology system using TETRA standards
Alshamali A2003
Third International Jordanian Conference on Electrical Engineering. Mutah UniversityJordan1998
Private mobile radio in Jordan: case study
Alshamali, A1999
IASTED Conference, Irbid, JordanJordan1998
Prediction of Spectral spreading of PI/4-DQPSK Modulation Due to   Power Amplifier Non-linearity, via Computer Simulation
Alshamali, A.1998
Fifteenth Radio Conference. Cairo, EgyptEgypt1998
 Error floor of DQPSK modulation in a two path mobile radio environment. Proceedings of the Fifteenth Radio Conference. Cairo, Egypt
Alshamali, A.1998
IEE Colloquium on Multipath countermeasure UK1996
Performance evaluation of TETRA in Hilly and Urban Terrain and in a Quasi-synchronous Environment
Alshamali, A. & Macario, R.C.V. 1996
the Fourth Technical Conference: Telecommunication & Information System, Status and Trend in Islamic Countries: The Operational Details of the Planned European Radio Messaging System- ERMESJordan1995
Alshamali, A. & Macario, R.C.V. 1995