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1- Wireless ECG transmission over mobile networks, princapl investigator, 7000 US Dollars, Yarmouk University, 1998.1998  Yarmouk University
2- Investigating health effect ( DNA damage, oxidative stress and cytogenetic) induced by mobile phone RF radiation, Co- princapl investigator, 15200 US Dollars,2006Yarmouk UniversityProf. A khalil and Dr A. Alshamali
3- Wireless Ionoized Radiation Monitoring System, principal investigator, 2800 US Dollars.2010 King Abudulla II Design and Development Bureau- KADDB.
4- An Industry Oriented MSc. Program in Telecommunications Engineering-Towards and EU Approach” a one million Eurogrant from the tempus to modernize the MSc program at the telecommunication Engineering Department,  one million EU, group member.2010Trans-European Mobility Scheme for University Studies (TEMPUS)