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Master Thesis: Readiness of the Jordanian Public Sector in Implementing E-Government Project (Case Study: Social Security Corporation)Mohammad J. BatainehBusiness AdministrationNone2012Not Published
Master Thesis: Bigram Based Fixed Length Coding: A Reliable Text Compression TechniqueAmeen A. Al-JedadyComputer Information SystemsNone2012Not Published
PhD Thesis: The Degree of Deployment by Faculty Members of Social Networking Sites in Spreading Citizenship Values among Hail University Students and the Obstacles of Deployment. Nimr Fahd Al-RasheedySocial StudiesProf. Ibraheem Qaood2015Not Published
PhD Thesis: The Effect of Computerizing the Family and Youth Unit in the National and Civil Education Textbook on the Jordanian Eighth Grade Femal Students Social Participation and Leadership Skills and their Attitudes towards it. Rahmah Khalid Fari QuraanSocial StudiesProf. Ibraheem Qaood2015Not Published
MSc Thesis: The extent of the first three grades teacher’s utilization of the learned skills from intel program in the classroom settingArabia Khalid DaradkehEducational TechnologyDr. Hamed Abbadi2006Not Published
Master Thesis: A Rule-based Approach to search for Mathematical Expressions from Arabic DocumentsMohammed Hassan TawalbehComputer Information Systems2017Not Published
Master Thesis: A machine learning approach to identify extremism in Arabic opinionsHind Hussein HusniComputer Information Systems2019Not Published
Master Thesis: A Phrase-Level Approach for Sentiments Analysis of Arabic TweetsHanan K. NofalComputer Information Systems2019Not Published
PhD Thesis: Developing an Educational Unit Derived from the Ninth Grade Geography Textook using the Interactive E-Book to Measure its effect on Students Skills Development and their Attitudes toward Solving Geographic Problems in JordanShadi M. AbdularahmanSocial Studies2020Not Published